Our Beginning

On the last day of the war, Son Michael Pham left Viet Nam as a refugee. He and his family started their lives in the U.S with nothing except the generosity and care of community and church members in Chicago. A natural volunteer, Son Michael served others in the refugee camp, and continued to serve others as he worked his way to become a successful business person. A proud member of Rotary International, Son Michael lives his life according to the organization's motto - "Service Above Self." So, for most of his life, Son Michael has tirelessly championed causes for children.
Long before Kids Without Borders was founded, Son Michael had a vision of an "all kids, one world" world one day. He inspires and encourages children to give of themselves through service to others in their communities and worldwide. He believes strongly that by involving children in helping other children, they will recognize more similarities than differences in each other.

Kids Without Borders was launched as a school service projects for students to sort clothes and donated items for children in the community. Today, the organization supports and works with children in more than 30 countries, attracting volunteers worldwide, providing opportunities for youth, benefiting and changing thousands of lives around the world.

Board of Directors

Beth Daynes

Beth Daynes has been fortunate to be able to travel extensively and loves to learn from the people she meets. From trekking 86 miles through Himalayan villages to spending time with the KWB children in Vietnam orphanages, she has shared stories with others. In turn, they taught her the real meaning of courage. Working on KWB projects has opened her eyes to the possibilities of empowering children to value and support each other. Previously, Beth worked as classroom teacher, managing a science education video project, writing video scripts, and developing museum programs. She is currently a writer for SchoolKiT, an educational software company where she continues to work with teachers and students worldwide.

John Daynes

An avid photographer, John Daynes' experience in traveling to other countries has given him a love of different cultures and a passion for the people he meets. It has also influenced him to make whatever positive change he can in the lives of others. John is inspired by the work of the KWB volunteers in the areas of the world where the need is greatest. He is excited by the mission to give kids the tools they need to improve their lives and achieve their dreams. John has been designing lifesaving medical equipment at Physio-Control and Medtronic for over 25 years, and has more than twenty patents for inventions in this industry. He is currently a CommunityLink chairperson for the Medtronic Foundation.

David Dean

David J. Dean has long been involved with non-profit organizations. He was President of the Minneapolis Chapter of the Air Force Association. He served on the board of the Episcopal Retirement Communities of Washington and became its CEO in leading a restructuring of operations. David initiated the HumaniTour concept - he traveled to Viet Nam on the very first HumaniTour. Besides his current involvement with KWB, David is serving as Senior Warden at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church in Snoqualmie, WA. A retired executive with more than 30 years experience in the public and private sectors, he has served as a senior officer in the United States Air Force and as an executive with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and the Port of Seattle.

Katrina Dohn

Beside Katrina Dohn's profession as a teacher in the Tukwila School District and adjunct professor of Heritage University, she has been giving her time to serve numerous organizations in her community. Katrina has been a licensed foster parent for more than 20 years. She volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and has served as Vice President of Tukwila Children's Foundation. Her tireless commitment to build a better community earned her the "Treasure of Tukwila" award and the "Tukwila School District Partners In Education" award. Katrina is the founder of Tukwila Children's Clothing Bank which supports KWB to serve communities in the south King county area.

 Amanda Lynn Marshall
Amanda Lynn Marshall is interested in global health and the promotion of child health through sustainable public health interventions. Amanda had the opportunity to study abroad as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar where she obtained a Master of Public Health degree from St. George’s University in Grenada. During her time abroad Amanda was involved extensively in various volunteer roles that directly benefited children. Currently she is continuing her medical education at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Amanda seeks to promote the mission and values of Kids Without Borders by linking her passion for volunteering with children, to her interests in global health. 
 Judy Pham
 Judy Pham's passion has always been children. Since KWB started in 2001, Judy has been an active volunteer in local programs and activities. It wasn't until Judy took her first trip to Viet Nam that she was able to see and experience, firsthand, the impact that KWB has made in a developing country. She returned many times since and continues to be involved with activities and programs both here and abroad. Judy is currently a special education teacher with the Lake Washington School District (Redmond, Washington). She has taught for over 25 years. In addition to KWB, Judy is a member of the Children’s Hospital Guild (Seattle, Washington) and several professional organizations.

Son Michael Pham, Founder

Long before Son Michael Pham founded Kids Without Borders, he had an "all kids, one world" vision. He has tirelessly championed causes for children. Son Michael is actively involved in many service agencies and has held many leadership roles within the nonprofit community. Son Michael left Viet Nam on the final day of the war and came to the U.S as a refugee. He spent more than twenty years in the hospitality industry. Currently, Son Michael is leading two companies in business development. 

Dawn Sanders

Dawn Sanders aims to build a strong volunteer community that serves non-profit organizations. She helped grow the SAMMI Awards, a local organization that recognizes volunteers in the city of Sammamish, WA. She is the past President of the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce and an active member of several non-profit organizations. Dawn participated in several HumaniTours with her husband and two daughters, which were life changing experiences for all. KWB ties into her vision, involving children, families and organizations, all serving the community and the world. Dawn is currently the Volunteer Coordinator for the City of Sammamish. 

John Sanders

John Sanders is a business executive who believes in and is passionate about giving back to the community through organizations like KWB. B esides being a board member with KWB, John is the President of the board of directors for the Washington chapter of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and for the SAMMI Awards. John looks at KWB as a model vehicle for involving kids and their families to help less fortunate children throughout the world throug h volunteering, sharing and giving. John has spent the last 30 years in wide variety of roles from training to operations in retail and service related indu stries. Currently John is a business consultant, leadership coach, mentor and founder of Blue Moon Consulting.

Global Ambassadors

Greig Craft – Hanoi, Viet Nam
Tina Thien-Nga Nguyen - Saigon, Viet Nam
Alexander Boyd - Saigon, Viet Nam
Sarah Kilguss - Cincinnati, Ohio
Laura Baines - Saigon, Viet Nam
Eileen Higginbotham - Palatine, Illinois
Mike and Alex Shimizu - Shoreline, Washington